Try This Adorable DIY Cookie Tin This Holiday Season

Bella Breakdown

With another holiday season in full swing, it seems like cookies are always being pulled out of the oven. This DIY tutorial shows you how to turn something you probably already have, or could easily get, into a super cute and festive cookie tin. A Pringles can and a little holiday cheer is all you need (well, and a few other items). Who knew that a Pringles can could serve as more than just a contraption to get your hand stuck in?

DIY Pringles can cookie tin

What you need:
A Pringles can
Wrapping paper of choice
Glue Stick

How to:
Simply empty the Pringles can, clean it out, and wrap your can in your beautiful wrapping paper. You always have the option to go above and beyond by adding any other decorations to the outside of the can. Then, of course, you fill it with cookies! Maybe you gift the cookies….maybe you keep them for yourself. Merry Christmas to you!

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