Connected S1:E16 With Change Comes Challenge

Bella Breakdown

We’ve been rooting for Rosie’s career to take off for a long time. Anyone can see that she’s crazy talented, gorgeous and really freakin’ deserves her big break and the sooner the better.


It looks like this one might be it, FOX was starting a new sitcom and requested her to audition in L.A. but just when it looks like she might get the part, Josh gets nervous.

It’s a big day for everyone, Lori and Jan’s New York Times article about how they met finally hit the press! A full page with color pictures, we wouldn’t have expected any less. But when Jan’s youngest daughter starts reading it aloud and learns something new about her dad’s dating history they start to realize that discussing changes with his children could be a little difficult. Hmmm foreshadowing much?!


Ido and Eli are headed to discuss their third surrogacy journey with their doctor. They started this journey in their late-twenties / early-thirties and are ready for another go, so they head to the notorious sperm donation room. After completely positive feedback from their doctor, they met with their previous surrogate mother to discuss the possibility of another journey.

After their own doctor’s visit, Lori and Jan now need to tell the kids their plans of trying to have a baby, but the response was much worse than they were expecting.

Particularly his youngest who said:

“That’s my college fund you’re talking about man … I’d probably just like throw it in a landfill.”


It seems that this episode no one was getting the response they wanted, Rosie telling Josh the exciting possibility of a big job, Eli & Ido asking their surrogacy mother if she’d be interested in another journey with them and definitely Lori and Jan who could not have anticipated Jane’s strong reaction.

Our fingers are crossed that everything works out for our favorite cast of New Yorkers.

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