Connected S1:E18 | Estranged, Long-Lost and In Love

Bella Breakdown

For better or for worse. That’s the way a marriage is supposed to work, but sometimes when there’s so much more worse than better it needs to end. Divorce is everywhere in life, and since Connected is the real world there’s plenty of it here too. This episode catches back up with Jonathan, sees who the newlyweds are doing and see how the superstars faring in L.A..

From the sandy beaches of Miami straight to the snowy mountains of Montana, Jonathan’s visiting his mother who just lost her boy friends and inherited his mountain ranch.
estrangedlonglostandinloveHis parents were divorced when he was three and he was raised by his mother, which he tells his new Skype psychologist. Surprise, surprise, he has a personal epiphany.

Driving through even snowier conditions, Lori and her new hubby are headed to meet Jan’s father and step-mom.
estrangedlonglostandinlove2Seeing their relationship endure through decades of hardship makes her reflect on her own childhood and her parent’s extremely dysfunctional relationship that crossed over into abuse much of the time. That’s why when her long-lost sister reaches out and finally pays her a visit, it’s a tumultuous time.

Everyone’s favorite comedian super-star Derek is still on the west coast, about to go on in one of L.A.’s hottest clubs, so what does he do? Buy sneakers! Oh Derek.
estrangedlonglostandinlove3His set went over well, but as last on the bill most of the audience had already left before he got to the stage. L.A.’s seeming like a sunny, strange place and Derek’s missing home. But instead of New York and his mom, he’s got California and his very estranged father.

See what happens between Jonathan, his father, Lori, her sister, Derek and his dad on this episode of Connected.

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