Cut Your Bangs Straight-Across

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Rocking straight-across bangs are so fun, and yet so frustrating. Even though they frame your face perfectly, all of a sudden, you realize just how fast your hair really does grow. It can be a huge pain to try and get your bangs professionally cut every time they start growing into your eyes, but at the same time cutting them yourself can feel scary and often turn out horribly wrong.

In spite of the scare factor, if you cut your bangs correctly they can end up looking as though a professional did them, without the suffering of time and cost added into the mix. In order to do it yourself, follow these steps:

1. Wet your bangs
If you don’t wet them, it will be harder to make your cuts accurate and even.

2. Make sure your scissors are sharp
Having dull scissors can lead to sawing, which will damage your hair and cause split ends.

3. Hold the hair you want to cut between two fingers
Don’t gut your hair all at once! Take a section of your bangs between your thumb and pointer or your pointer and middle finger so that you have control of what is being cut, and your hair is still while you are cutting it.

4. Cut your bangs
Make sure that the scissors pointed slightly off from a parallel of your hair, as though you are cutting up into your bang. You never want to cut your bangs straight across, or else your hairline will be too hard. Cutting your bangs like this will make your bangs piece and light.

5. Make sure they are even
You want your bangs to be more or less even. It shouldn’t be perfect or your look will come off as though you are a five-year-old. Press down on your bangs to see if they are relatively even. If so, shake ’em out! You are good to go!

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