DIY Customizable Neon Signs

Bella Breakdown

Neon signs are a great way to snazz up any area. Try this simple DIY to make one of your own.

The supplies you will need are:

Different colors of neon
Frame with a particle board backing
Hole punch
Crazy glue
Something to draw with

Here’s what to do

Remove the glass from the cardboard frame and keep the cardboard backing.

Trace your design onto the cardboard. Use the neon wire to cover the lines of your sketch. Use the crazy glue to stick the wire down along your sketch lines. Be careful not to glue your fingers together!

When the glue is dry, put the board back into your frame and secure the wires. Your very own neon sign! You can also use neon wire to embellish pre-existing art.
Now that’s a bright idea!

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