The Infamous Mr Tee King Ice Cream

Bella Breakdown

This ice cream man is on a whole other level. More than 2,000 people gather in line under the pouring rain to buy this particular ice cream. Mr. Tee King of Desserts has caught the eye of more than 100,000 followers on Facebook with his wonderful frozen dairy creations. We are getting hungry just watching this video!

Mr. Tee King of Desserts finds joy in supplying the higher quality of sweets, treats, desserts and the freshest, tastiest ice cream… NATIONWIDE!!! The passionate ice cream man surprises locals by announcing his next ‘pop up’ pitch just 30 minutes before opening. If you’re wondering when and where Mr. Tee King will pop up next, check out the dessert man himself on Facebook or Twitter. Who knows, maybe he will pop up in your city next!

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