Roseanne Announces Spin-Off Production Without Barr


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Creators of Roseanne announced that they will be creating a spin-off show that was cancelled earlier this year with one big twist, no Roseanne Barr.

The original Roseanne show started production in 1998 and wrapped with their final episode in 1997. The original production was revived earlier this year but was cancelled due to Roseanne Barr posting racist tweets on her personal account.

The racist tweet insulted the former senior adviser of the Obama administration, Valerie Jarrett saying that she was the offspring of the “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet Of The Apes.” Since posting the racist tweet Barr has apologized for her offensive comments, yet continues to re-tweet politically charged posts to her Twitter feed.

Though most of her feed is retweets of other Republican posts but insist that social media is spreading “fake news.” Barr tweeted on June 20 “does twitter exist to spread disinformation,” implying that social media is to blame for false information.

In an interview after the cancellation of the Roseanne show, she said that has lost everything and regretted what she said. Barr’s Twitter shows a different character of imposing the Republican party ideologies through right-sided retweets.

ABC announced that they will be re-booting the Roseanne show with all of the original cast, without the main character Roseanne. The creators say that they will be reformulating a spin-off called The Conners, surrounding the changes in their lives without their matriarchal figure.

The spin-off will focus on how the family dynamic without the mother and how their lives are different without her. For more developments for the changes in the Roseanne show, check out the videos above.

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