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Before dating apps and online dating became an integral way to meet someone, you were more apt to meet a potential partner out in public, or at work. Office romances have always been around, but in the last decade have been at an all-time low. I guess Jim and Pam weren’t all that inspirational after-all.

A survey that was taken in 2008 in regards to interoffice romance, showed that 40% of workers dated a coworker. However when the survey was taken again in 2017, only 36% of workers admitted to dating a coworker.

41% of the people who admitted to a romance did not admit that this romance was occurring when it did. 31% of people actually got married to their coworker.

The reason for the drop in office romances? Well it’s likely because when this survey was taken, the #MeToo movement was happening. The severity of sexual harassment, especially in the workplace, was taken very seriously.

It is likely that many individuals did not want to admit to having an office romance when this survey was taken. So, it’s possible office romances haven’t changed a bit, but no one’s talking about it.

This is understandable, because it is likely that many companies have been cracking down on implementing strong sexual harassment training.

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