Yoee Baby Puppy: The Best Infant Developmental Bonding Toy

Yoee Baby Puppy

My infant son Tyler loves when we take the time to play with him and bond. There are so many toys on the market and we really do our research before purchasing ANYTHING. Since he is our first son we are of course overly cautious. Is he going to like the toy? Is the toy going to be beneficial for learning? Is it safe? These are all the things that run through our heads along with a list of others. So when I came across Yoee Baby Puppy a developmental toy for bonding and playing and saw all the great reviews I knew I had to check it out!

Mom’s Favorites

When the toy came in the mail I couldn’t be more excited. The puppy toy has a gentle rattle and crinkles with high contrast colors so of course it grabbed Tyler’s attention the second I took it out of the packaging. He absolutely LOVED the feather-like tail and the silicone teether helps to soothe his aching gums.

My absolutely favorite part? It’s safe. This toy has been through rigorous safety tests. You will find NO bra and phthalates in this product and my favorite…it’s machine washable. It will not get destroyed and I have comfort in knowing that we can keep this toy around for a long time.

Developmental Benefits

The interaction and bonding we have is like no other with this toy. It helps with sensory and language development, body awareness and even with gross and fine motor skills. The feather-like tail which Tyler is extremely fond of helps bring body awareness. The gentle rattle & sounds for hearing development. The silicone teether which he is also a huge fan on helps soothe his gums. The playful character for storytelling and language development and last but not least the high-contract colors are for visual stimulation.

Final Verdict

Having a toy that is safe and fun for Tyler to play with is so important. And if you are an overly cautious mom like me you can finally be at ease. I highly recommend this product to all of our beautiful Mommy Bella’s you won’t regret it!

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