Calling All Dog Lovers: Aquapaw Is About To Change You And Your Four Legged Friends Life!


Rescuing my two dogs was one of the best decisions of my life. My dogs are everything to me. For those of you who don’t already know both of my dogs were rescued from pretty rough situations at a young ages, which left them traumatized and questioning all new things. So when I first introduced bath time to them it was a nightmare for both of us. I would sit in the shower, put water in buckets, do everything to make it comfortable for them and yet my dogs would pin themselves against the wall refusing to go in. Having dogs who want to not only stay as far away from the shower as possible, but once they’re in it becomes their ultimate mission to get out prolongs the process by at least 40 minutes. So when I heard about Aquapaw thanks to quite a few of our readers I knew I had to check it out.

Aquapaw was started with the goal of making bath time easier on both you and your pet. They design products that are less intimidating for your pet which in turn makes the cleaning process easier for you. Their innovative Pet Bathing Tool was put up on Kickstarter in November 2016 and they recently launched their Slow Treater®. Their goal is to create an innovative line of products that help make bath time more of a fun, bonding experience.

Slow Treater®

This is also my absolute favorite and goes hand in hand with the Aquapaw® Pet Bathing Tool. I use this to start off bath time. The Slow Treater® helps persuade pups to get in the tub and keep them there. Simply spread their favorite treat in its center (we use peanut butter or pumpkin) and stick it to any smooth surface. The rubber nubs will help extend how long they will enjoy it. I even like to freeze the peanut butter or pumpkin before hand so it lasts even longer. My dogs are totally food driven so I was excited to try this out and when I did I have to say we are both totally OBSESSED. Once they knew they were going in the bath to get a treat, they were fixated and nothing else mattered. Now, as soon as they see me take it out of the freezer they run straight upstairs ready for their treat and bath time!
The Slow Treater® is 100% silicone making it super safe for your pet and easy to clean. It is designed with nubs to help slow down licking for longer usage. It also has wings for easy placement and tabs for easy removal. They are dishwasher safe and freezable so clean up time is no issue. Ordering a couple of these is key especially because they can be used anywhere or using on the go and if you have more than one dog. This product currently has a patent pending.

Aquapaw® Pet Bathing Tool

This tool will seriously change your life I know it changed mine. The Aquapaw Bathing Tool is the world’s first wearable combination sprayer-scrubber that can be turned on and off by simply making a fist. I like to use this tool in the bath. It’s super simple to connect thanks to the adapter which is included. Once my dogs are in the shower they are fixated on their treats which we have on the wall. The intense spraying from the shower was always a trigger point for both my dogs so now with the Aquapaw® Pet Bathing Tool the water streams gently and I can stay in total control over the entire bathing process with no stress on any of us.

This is super easy to use. Simply ‘Click’ ON and ‘Click’ OFF one-handed by making a fist and pressing button in center of the palm, allowing you to always keep one hand on your pet. One-size-fits-all design straps quickly and easily to either left or right hands. Includes adapters to connect to either your shower or garden hose. Comes with 8′(2,5m) hose.

My Results

Our lives have seriously changed after using these products…I cannot thank our readers enough for recommending Aquapaw!!! Having two dogs who are absolutely petrified of everything can be so difficult, but finding ways to help ease the discomfort is really key in all situations. I highly recommend these products to all of our readers as this product will be sure to change the mood and turn bath time into a calming and fun experience!

P.S. when you order don’t forget to show some love by posting a picture of you and your furry friend using Aquapaw and tag them on instagram!

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