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The Perfect Brush

Getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist has to be one of the most satisfying feelings. I’m one of those people who goes twice a year and never skips out. I have never had a cavity before and my dentist says I owe it all to using an vibrating toothbrush and for having good habits! My secret weapon….quip!

Designed With Every Mouth In Mind

Some of the biggest problems we face with oral care and you may hear this pretty often from your dentist…brushing too hard, not brushing long enough, not brushing twice a day, not replacing your brush and not going to the dentist every 6 months. These issues are ignored yet have a far bigger impact on oral health than a “Bluetooth Ultra Sonic” toothbrush alone could ever have. So quip set out to address that. They soon realized that there were three main causes behind the core problems: over complex and confusing functionality, over designed and clunky products and a total lack of services to cater to the modern lifestyle. So they set about creating a more honest, accessible and simple oral care line that would cut out the excess to help focus on the basics that really matter.

Features That Matter – The Toothbrush
The best toothbrush is one that encourages healthy habits… brushing gently for 2 minutes, with short, tooth-sized strokes. Brushing at the start and end of your day and between meals. Brushing only with soft, rounded bristles, fresh every 3 months. Despite toothbrush “advancements”, we still fail at these steps as we are led to believe our toothbrush does all the hard work for us. They designed a slim electric toothbrush with a vibrating timer and affordable head delivery service that encourages the good habits and excluded the harsh cleaning modes, bulky chargers and expensive brush heads that don’t. Delivering a simplified experience that effortlessly guides you through the basics!

The Toothpaste

The secret to a bright healthy smile, is naturally healthy teeth. However, every company on the market is trying to get you to buy their product and sell you the dream…clean white teeth, but it comes at a cost. Have you ever checked what’s in your toothpaste? If you have then you know how important it is to find an honest company. Each year we are told of new ingredients we should try out or avoid but there is only one constant among dentists: Fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that has been proven to prevent tooth decay by at least 25% in adults and children. Quip based their toothpaste around this essential that dentists recommend and removed the misleading whitening ingredients, damaging abrasives and needless additives they don’t. By combining their pea-sized portion guide and free travel size tube with their mint fluoride formula, they want to help you use the right ingredients, everywhere you go!

Refreshed On Time

Fresh brush head refills delivered every 3 months before they become unhygienic and incapable of cleaning — for just $5 with free international shipping. You can get their anticavity mint toothpaste in your refills, too!

Final Verdict

I seriously love my quip toothbrush and toothpaste and I highly recommend it to all of you beautiful Bellas! Quip combines the low cost and simplicity of a manual toothbrush and the guidance features and refreshing feel of an electric in a package, experience and service that improves the entire oral care routine like no other!

Author: Heather Tighe

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