Sia To Make Directorial Debut With Movie 15 Years In The Making

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The private yet popular music artist Sia will be shifting her priorities from music to directing her first film “Music.” The new movie directed by Sia is 15 years in the making and plans to debut by February 10, 2021.

The film will premiere in the American Film Market and Sia disclosed the movie will be the tale of a character named Music has a special ability referred to as nonvocal autism. Sia has envisioned creating this movie for the last 15 years and is excited to bring the project to life on the big screen.

Sia has directorial experience in her former music videos including acting as the co-director for the “Chandelier” music video working with Daniel Askill. Sia is also working closely with the screenwriter Dallas Clayton who encouraged Sia to pursue the “Music” production.

Sia also played casting agent for the lead roles, she tweeted Leslie Odom Jr. after seeing him perform on Broadway and offered him a role in “Music.” Sia discovered a video of Kate Hudson singing on Instagram and offered her a role as Zu.

The film will star the incredible dancer featured in all of Sia’s music videos, Maddie Ziegler, who rose to fame after being on the TV show “Dance Moms” to working closely with Sia on her first music video for “Chandelier.” Sia developed a unique creative relationship with Ziegler and has featured her in every music video since so it only makes sense that she would star as Music in the movie.

Sia admires Ziegler for her amazing dance abilities and level of professionalism for a young woman saying, “I want to work with her until the day I die.” Ziegler playing the role of Music will play Sia’s interpretation of the character with 10 musical portions.

Kate Hudson will play the role of Zu who is free-spirited and estranged from her family until an accident leads Zu to gain sole custody of Music. Initially, Zu has a hard time understanding Music’s special abilities but receives help from Music’s friendly neighbor Ebo (played by Leslie Odam Jr.) helps Zu to better understand Music.

The production cost for “Music” is estimated at $16 million and Sia worked closely with the post-production editing team to ensure the movie lives up to her namesake. One thing is for sure, this will be one unique collaboration of music and film that Sia is well-known for.

Author: Karli Wallace

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