Vinyl Me Please Is a MUST This V-Day Weekend!

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Valentines Day is just around the corner, and unique date ideas aren’t always easy to come up with. If you’re like me, you are not necessarily a fan of chocolate hearts and teddy bears… not that I’d be opposed to getting them by any means, all I’m saying is that bear is going to be covered in dust in the closet in the next few months. This V-Day wow your date with an intimate and creative night of cocktails and tunes all brought to your door thanks to Vinyl Me Please! Vinyl Me Please is a record of the month service that brings individuality and exclusivity to your doorstep! If you are like us, living in sunny South Florida, what we make up for in beaches we lack in record shops. Our only options are current hits on vinyl at Target or Best Buy, if we want something cool and classic we’d have to fly somewhere much hipper and check out a record store. Now that we found Vinyl Me Please, we are discovering artists that have changed our lives. There is something magical about hearing an artist for the first time on a physical record rather than in earphones.

Vinyl Me Please works directly with artists to create exclusive vinyl’s hand designed and picked by the artists themselves. When you select a Vinyl Me Please exclusive you receive a record that you can not get anywhere else. One of our personal favorites was an exclusive from Fiona Apple, although VMP gives artists full creative freedom when it comes to the design of the physical record, Apple went with classic black, with the belief that it simply sounds better. Let us just say, the sound was phenomenal. Oh, and did we mention they have the BEST merch out there? Their logo is badass, and the quality is ridiculous… I dare you to find a softer hoodie… DOUBLE DARE YOU!

Even if you aren’t listening to them every single day, these records are works of art. From your office to your bedroom framing these records ad a pop of fun to any room! Not only do you receive an amazing record, you also receive a cocktail recipe that is unique to the artist you received. Making this the perfect chill at home romantic night. Sip back and relax as you listen to your new favorite, or maybe an old obsession with your partner. Bring back the days of physical music, I mean, anybody can connect their phone to Bluetooth, but the process of turning on and actively listening to vinyl.

Head over to Vinyl Me Please now to place your order for the most romantic night of your life! In a long distance relationship? No worries! Send your lover a VMP box as a gift via their gift service! Maybe even order yourself the same one and listen together even though you’re far apart.

Author: Kendyl Blakeney

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