What Has Technology Changed About The Workplace?

Where Would We Be Without Technology?

Technology has definitely brought us convenience. It’s now possible to order all of your favorite clothes, purchase your groceries, and get that new coffee pot you’ve had your eye on, without ever leaving the comfort of your couch. Technology has birthed smartphones, which has created endless opportunities for online shopping, social media updates and communication with anyone on the planet…all from a simple touch of your finger.

This change technology has brought can be seen in our daily lives, but how has it effected the workplace? Well, one of the main shifts (much like your ability to buy that blouse from your phone) is that you can now really work from anywhere. If you have a data connection, you can login and work from your home or elsewhere.

Not only has technology allowed us the opportunity to work remotely, it has also caused a shift in how we work. In the workplace, for example, the cubicle mentality is slowly dying. There is now a stronger call for collaboration, and with platforms like Slack and The Cloud, it’s now easier than ever to work as a team while maintaining a level of independence within the workplace.

Author: Hannah Do

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