6 Amazing Yoga Poses For Happiness

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In the present life full of stress and worries, maximum people have forgotten to smile and be happy. People these days feel that owning a house, luxurious cars, designer clothes, exquisite jewelry are the possessions that can bring happiness. But, the fact is that these just temporary materialistic things which keep a person financially secure and not happy forever.

Happiness comes from within when a person’s mind and soul are healthy and stress-free. We suggest a few yoga poses which keep the mind in control and elevates a person’s mood making him/ her happier from within.

Let us begin:

• Warrior II Pose
Clear from the name, this pose reminds the practitioner to be strong enough to face all the difficulties. The pose releases all the tensions and stress and makes a person mentally strong.
– Best for: Vertigo

• Cat-Cow Pose
This pose relaxes the nervous system, calms down the constant mind fluctuations and allows the flow of positive energy within the body. Use this pose to relax your body and mind and sleep better.
– Best for: Insomnia

• Goddess Pose
This pose brings your body balance and the posture of joined hands makes the person grateful to God for giving everything. This empowering pose reminds a person that he/ she is the sole in charge of his/ her happiness.
– Best for: Broken Heart and Emotional Imbalance

• Wheel Pose
This pose allows the deep opening of the body from back and front enabling the person to release all the tension, stress and energize the body. This pose relaxes the mind and body making a person feel better and fresh.
– Best for: Osteoporosis

• Headstand
This position allows the person to feel the blood flow within the body and enables them to look at life from a new perspective. The body and day are filled with positive energy after practicing this pose.
– Best for: Digestion

• Camel Pose
The backbend in Camel Pose exposes a person’s body outwards creating a sense of fearlessness. The heart is exposed in this position but in a protected way, giving the practitioner confidence to fight against all the problems with an active and happy mind.
– Best for: Anxiety

If you are looking to relieve stress from your life then try practicing these yoga poses on a daily basis. Along with having a toned body, you will have a healthy and happy mind which is focused on achieving all the goals you have set for yourself.

Author: Cherry Katoch

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