6 Fashion Trends For Spring You’ll Want To Have In Your Closet

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For some cities in the Midwest, spring hasn’t quiet sprung. For others, however, the warm weather has finally arrived. Which means it’s finally time to hang up those winter coats and break out these latest fashion trends that are sure to make you ready for the new season.

You may want to pick up the first pastel color you may see, but designers latest looks are all about sorbet. Shades like limón, pistachio, and peach all took center stage during fashion week with Marc Jacobs showing just how much easier it is to wear.

You may not be able to enjoy an actual African safari tour, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fashion. This year’s runway looks are saying that urban safari fashion is the new thing. From bucket hats to leopard print vests, ladies are going to want to have a few safari-inspired items in their closets asap. The earthy tones of olive greens and beige will look naturally perfect on anyone.

Tassled accents are back! For those who loved giving their jeans an extra added flair or give their jewelry some extra movement, you are in luck because the accessory is back in style.

Watch the video above to see what other fashion trends are in from spring 2019.

Author: Maya Dixon

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