A Taco Bell Hotel Is Coming This Summer

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While fast food restaurants, like Burger King, are getting into the no-meat industry Taco Bell is going the hotel route. On Thursday, the American-style Mexican restaurant announced that a “tacoasis” will open in Palm Springs.

That’s right, Taco Bell is following through with plans to open a hotel and resort that people will actually be able to stay in as soon as August. While staying there guests will be able to visit a Taco Bell-themed gift shop, get Taco Bell-inspired nail art at the in-hotel salon and obviously stay in Taco Bell-inspired rooms.

“It will be fun, colorful, flavorful and filled with more than what our fans might expect,” said Taco Bell’s Chief Global Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg. “Also, just like some of our most sought-after food innovation, this hotel brings something entirely new for lucky fans to experience and enjoy.”

Again, this is not a joke and those who truly desire to stay in a taco or crunchwrap supreme-themed hotel room will be able to make reservations in June. Sadly, for Taco Bell superfans this “tacoasis” won’t be here for long, but no word on how long the temporary hotel will actually be around.

When speaking with CNBC Thalberg said the idea here is to cater to the brand’s super-fans. “I have often quipped that Taco Bell is the fast fashion of food,” she told the network. “We have our everyday classics, but then we’re always introducing these cool limited-edition experiences to do something new and different.”

Author: Lilly Roberts

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