Alternatives To Dying Your Hair

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I have been dying my hair since I was a Sophomore in high school. Nothing was going to stop me from dying my hair all shades of brown, black, red, and blonde. I suffered the consequences though. I often had to spend more money to get a certain color because of all of the times I had dyed my hair, previously.

Hair dye, no matter how natural it claims to be, has chemicals. This can drastically alter the texture of your hair. I found, when I was dying my hair a lot, that my hair became dryer, even crispy at the ends.

So what if you want to color your hair, but you want to avoid dying it altogether? Colored hair, especially wild colors, are totally in right now and you might feel like you don’t want to miss the boat. There are ways to get colored hair without permanently dying it! There are a lot of products, including Hush’s Prism Hair Spray, that can give you perfectly colorful hair without bleaching beforehand!

If you want your hair to be lighter, another really great trick is to actually spray lemon juice in your hair if you know you’ll be lying out in the sun later. You can even use tea bags to dye your hair. Just know that these colors probably are not going to last long term, but the damage (not that there is any) won’t be long term either!

Author: Haley DePass

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