An Engagement Ring Graveyard?

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Bella Breakdown

This past year was big for The Bachelor franchise and its subsidiary shows. First, there was drama around the choice of Hannah Brown for The Bachelorette, a season full of manipulation, a lying fiancé-turned-ex, and a runner-up that started dating a supermodel.

Bachelor in Paradise saw the return of some fan-favorites and not-so-favorites, its first gay couple, multiple engagements and then multiple breakups. This year alone, more couples have called off their promising futures, leading to some pretty poor statistics for “finding love” on the guilty-pleasure show.

So what exactly happens to all those scorned engagement rings? Neil Lane, jewelry conglomerate, has been providing diamonds to contestants on the show for years, but only if their love is true and forever. If not, the couple must return he rock back to production.

Most fans know there are some pretty weird rules and regulations in the Bach world, many of which surrounding ownership of their engagement rings. According to Becca Kufrin, previous Bachelor contestant and Bachelorette, the rings that are used in unsuccessful proposals are kept in custody of production.

And if an engaged couple calls of their engagement or ends their marriage within two years of the proposal, the ring must be returned. Once you make it past that two-year threshold, the ring is yours regardless of the fate of your television love.

So if you do the math, that’s a heck of a lot of returned rings. Like, most of them. Kufrin says that production has a “ring graveyard.” Are they reused for other engagements? Returned to Neil Lane? Sold on the black market? No one knows, but we’re dying to find out.

Author: Jessica Ralph

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