Are You In Love?

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We all know the feeling: you can’t stop thinking about them, every song on the radio reminds you of them, and you can relate anything your friends say to your relationship. When these thoughts develop, we often think to ourselves that we must be in love.

However, “love” can be a fleeting feeling that is falsely inspired by one’s need for companionship and lifelong connection combined with potential self doubt and insecurity. So, how can you tell if you are really in love? Look to these signs that scientists have proven are indications of true love in order to guide you:

1. You look at their face adoringly.

2. You feel less pain or discomfort.

3. Your partner makes you feel relaxed and happy with life.

4. For them, you will do something new that you haven’t ever done before.

5. You value your partner’s needs over your own needs.

6. You make each other laugh, or have the same sense of humor about many things.

7. You stop caring what other people think.

8. You put time and effort into the relationship.

If you are feeling or seeing any of these things, you may be in love. And, of course, science is science. It often has something to say about… well, everything. But at the end of the day, if you feel as though you are in love and it is coming from a genuine place deep within you, then you probably are. Go you!

Author: Kaitlyn Kinshella

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