Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Reunite At The SAG Awards And We Are All Winners

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The reunion we’ve all been yearning for, especially following that near-miss at the Golden Globes, finally took place at last night’s SAG Awards. Filling the void in our collective heart and cradling our deeply-rooted desire to believe that true love actually conquers all and that they just may end up together, after all, our with partially came to fruition last night when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston finally — and epically — reunited.

Here’s the play-by-play: it happened backstage, following Aniston’s win for her work as a lead female actor in “The Morning Show”, which Pitt watched breathlessly from a monitor – he may or may not have known that he was being filmed the entire time, however. Following her acceptance speech (which too was super sweet and humble, with the shoutout to ‘buddy’ Adam Sandler standing out as a highlight), Aniston’s ex-husband which whom she has, reportedly, very friendly these days, met her backstage, where the two embraced, exchanged (we can only assume) a number of congratulatory sentiments back and forth (Pitt had won earlier in the evening for his performance in “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood”) and — wait for it — seemed super, super psyched for each other. Yes, they are professional smilers, but we can certainly distinguish the genuine from the fake and the embrace they shared, plus that super spontaneous hand-on-chest-grab moment is, well, priceless.

As a reminder, the Hollywood A-listers and one of the most beloved couples Tinseltown has ever produced were married from 2000 t0 2005. Then, the Brangelina hurricane took over for a good while but, all that’s behind everyone now. It’s in 2020. Brad has been outspoken about his addiction days being behind him. Aniston has reignited her career in the most spectacular way and seems super chill and over the drama. They both look hotter than ever, defying age in an almost annoying way.

Really, it’s too obvious. Yup. This is bound to happen, folks. In our hearts, it already has.

In the meantime, the reunion is one item to check off our ‘most wanted things to happen’ list, so, we’ll chew on that one for now.

Author: Isidora Rajsic

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