Breakups Down To A Science

Bella Breakdown

It’s the day after you’ve been dumped. You are probably wondering how in the world you are going to get over this? You might spend time with friends, drink too much, or you might just eat or not eat. You might lie in bed all day. You might tear up pictures and every memory of them. And you’re probably going to cry. That’s pretty natural.

But there is actually a scientific way to get over your breakup somewhat quickly and effectively. Scientists asked certain people to view their ex in a negative light. They wanted the individuals to think of all of the bad qualities about their ex, and focus on them. It was important for the individuals to put aside all of the things that had made them initially fall in love with their ex, and focus on all of the things that angered or saddened them.

This seemed to be the most effective way individuals got over that person. However, when shown their picture they could not help but feel angry, and seeing them definitely put them in a worse mood. Personally, I think that bad mood is good collateral for not feeling like absolute crap over someone that broke your heart.

Author: Haley DePass

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