Bring A Unique Taste To Your Plate With Different Methods For Cooking Seafood

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Now that winter seems to be staying away for good, it’s the perfect time to start introducing those springtime seafood recipes you’ve been saving. To help, chefs are sharing some of their favorite ways of cooking seafood that you’ll definitely want to try.

One of the easiest pieces of fish to cook is salmon, which works with universal flavors. Chef Timothy Hollingsworth of Otium in Los Angeles says his favorite way to cook this particular fish is by making a hot smoked salmon dish. “I cook this on my Traeger grill, setting it at 165 degrees and putting the setting on super smoke, which allows me to get a lot of smoky flavor into the fish.”

Another dish idea for your seafood recipes would be crispy skin sea bass. This happens to be Bao Hiroo chef, Hiroo Nagahara’s favorite dish for the season. “Crispy skin sea bass with kombu-lime prawns, quinoa with a black togarashi fish jus is a dish I love to make.”

While salmon is one of the easiest pieces of fish to cook, Nagahara has some advice when it comes to sea bass. “Make sure to temper your fish—it’s no different than cooking meat.”

For TAG Restaurant Group chef and owner, Troy Guard, halibut is his fish of choice for springtime. “It is light but also meaty, healthy, and very versatile in a number of cooking preparations like ceviche, smoked, grilled, pan sauté, steamed, etcetera,” says Guard. Though there are endless ways to eat and pair halibut, Guard says squeezing some lemon, drizzling olive oil and seasoning with salt and pepper will do the trick.

Author: Brittany Jones

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