Chance The Rapper Chooses Family Over Touring

(Photo Credit: Rene Marbon)

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Being a film star and shooting a new movie or an artist going on tour, celebrity can be extremely difficult and hard on relationships and families. But this musician is putting his family first, regardless of how his fans may feel.

Chance The Rapper is a successful rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor known for his unique rap style and his next-level musical beats. In fact, he won three Grammy Awards including Best Rap Album, before he even released a studio album. 

But one of his most recent accomplishments was the birth of his second child, Marli. Along with his other daughter, Kensli and his wife Kirsten, the new family of four couldn’t be happier.

But the news of his newest baby girl is bittersweet for some. Along with the announcement of the birth, Chance The Rapper also announced the postponing of his #TheBigDay World Tour.

In a recent Instagram post, Chance The Rapper announced that he is taking “paternity leave” and will be pushing the start date of his world tour until after the beginning of the year. The tour, which was scheduled to start in September, will be pushed into January 15, 2020.

While he is apologetic, he states that he needs to be there for his wife and his baby girl in this time of need.

Author: Rosemary Clipper

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