Cheetos Release Its New Cheetos Mac’N’Cheese

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Fans of the cheesy and crunchy snack are in luck because now you can have the favorite cheesy flavor for a meal with the new Cheetos Mac’N’Cheese. True to the Cheetos brand, they will also be offering some spicy options for Flamin’ Hot fans.

The line of Cheetos Mac’N’Cheese will initially include three flavors including Bold & Cheesy, Flamin’ Hot, and Cheesy Jalapeño that should be hitting store shelves soon. So far some reports you can find this hot new food product on that are available in single-portion cups or a multi-portion box to make for the family.

The Cheetos Mac’N’Cheese being available on is a strong indication that they might be available in-store soon. Some shoppers on social media have found the new product in-store at Walmart and saying that they cost less than a dollar for the boxes.

Walmart confirmed that all the new products should be available in-store in select locations and online starting August 8. The new mac and cheese will also be adding another twist to the new product, featuring corkscrew pasta noodles.

Walmart disclosed the Cheetos Mac’N’Cheese should be available in stores nationwide by 2021. Some lucky cities are acting as test locations and could possibly have the product in-store.

Author: Fae Turner

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