Could Premarital Counseling Help Your Relationship?

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Couples considering counseling are usually thinking about it when they’re having relationship problems but not many couples know that they can explore the option of premarital counseling. Getting into a serious relationship and considering a possible engagement could benefit from premarital counseling. Here’s a couple of things to think about when considering premarital counseling.

Not many couples consider the enormity of legally committing to another person for life and premarital counseling can also help to ensure getting engaged is the best option for your relationship. Premarital counseling can give partners the chance to address the expectations of the other person and potential conflict within the relationship. Couples can also consider premarital counseling as a way to show your partner that you have long-term intentions for the future of your relationship.

Addressing relationship issues honestly can help to ultimately build a strong bond between partners. One of the biggest things to consider seeking premarital counseling is finding the right person as a counselor.

For more traditional premarital counseling, couples can seek help from religious institutions and certain religions require premarital counseling before conducting a marriage ceremony. Couples can also seek premarital counseling from a licensed family or marriage therapist, not your personal therapist if you’re currently in counseling.

Premarital counseling can give a couple the chance to improve their communication skills especially when it comes to talking about serious subjects such as finances. A majority of couples in premarital counseling will discuss financial issues such as a prenup and finances can be one of the factors leading to divorce.

Premarital counseling can also give a couple the chance to discuss what they want when it comes to starting a family together, which can be a dealbreaker for some couples. Some couples might be worried that premarital counseling could lead to a break-up but some couples discover they lost their initial connection.

Couples who are already married can also benefit from premarital counseling as a way to have an opportunity to have an open dialogue between partners on what they want from the relationship. If you’re considering entering into a serious relationship you might want to ask yourself, “Could my relationship benefit from premarital counseling.”

Author: Fae Turner

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