Craft This DIY Pineapple Wine Bottle For Your Favorite Hostess

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Looking for the perfect gift to bring to your next party or get together? This fun and simple idea is sure to be the perfect addition to any event and the best part, you can make it at home!

If you’re like me, you struggle to decide what to bring to your next gathering. Maybe it’s a group that you just met, or maybe you are just looking to bring something a little more creative and fun than just a simple bottle of wine. Look no further than the DIY pineapple wine bottle.

You start with your favorite bottle of wine or champagne. Next, you take a hot glue gun and attach some sort of gold-wrapped chocolate or truffle. The idea behind it is to make the gold foil chocolate look like the base of a pineapple.

Make sure that you only put the chocolates to about label height or just before the neck of the bottle. Then it’s time to make the leaves. Use scissors to cut leaves out of some green tissue paper and attach it to the neck of the bottle with your glue gun. Finally, use a piece of burlap to tie a ribbon making the perfect and fun gift for your next night out.

Author: Kate Masters

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