Crazy Craft Breweries Worth Going Out of Your Way For

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Thanks to millennials the beer industry has seen a major boost. With craft beer becoming the most popular option for beer drinkers it’s no surprise that breweries have become even more popular. So, if you’re looking for a new brewery to tour and hangout with friends here are the 19 breweries worth going out of your way for.

Dogfish Head, Milton:
Located in Delaware, Dogfish Head is so good it was featured in its own TV show, called Brew Masters. Since leaving the air, Dogfish Head has now been upgraded from just a plain old brewery to a full inn for people to come to enjoy for a long, extended stay. Customers can enjoy the tasting of exclusive taps on the brewery’s R&D lines and grab dinner at the expanded version of Dogfish’s original brewpub and the seafood-centric Chesapeake & Maine.

Grand Teton, Victor:
Found in Iowa, the Grand Teton is perfect if you’re looking for a brewery that’s also close to the area’s National Park and far enough to escape its egregious tourists. Even as a visitor, the Teton will make you feel like a “local.”

Kane, Ocean:
The midwest isn’t the only area in the states that features great breweries. New Jersey is the home of Kane, a place that is constantly switching things up with his multi-faceted Tidal Series. Drink standouts include a Deep-Rooted imperial pale ale made with more than 145 pounds of fresh-picked Jersey hops, a low-gravity counterpart to Kane’s barrel-aged A Night to End All Dawns beast and imperial butternut squash.

Author: Maya Dixon

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