Dennis Quaid’s New Fiance

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Bella Breakdown

Everyone’s favorite all-American, vineyard owning dad of ginger twins is officially off the market, and it’s not to Meredith Blake, though the situation looks eerily similar to The Parent Trap. Dennis Quaid and girlfriend Laura Savoie are engaged after Quaid spontaneously proposed in Oahu while promoting his upcoming film Midway.

26-year-old Savoie is a University of Texas PhD student who was first spotted with Quaid in June of this year, though this is not her first rodeo when it comes to dating Hollywood—she previously dated Entourage’s Jeremy Piven—though this will be her first engagement and marriage.

Quaid is not as new to the proposal process; Savoie marks his fourth engagement. His previous spouses include P.J Soles, whom he was with for four years, Meg Ryan for 10 years, and Kimberly Buffington for 14 years. The latter of his two marriages also include shared children; Jack Quaid with Meg Ryan and twins Zoe Grace and Thomas Boone with Kimberly Buffington.

While many have voiced outraged opinions in regards to the large age-gap (Quaid is 65, making an almost 40 year gap) it’s important to give credit where credit is due and hope that their love is pure and lasting.

Author: Jessica Ralph

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