DIY Key Wind Chimes

Bella Breakdown

We love spending time outdoor in this sunshine and warm weather! Make this fun wind chime from old keys to add a whimsical element to any outdoor space and give yourself another reason to get outdoor.


For this easy project, you’ll need:

  • Keys
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Palate
  • Paint Brushes
  • Yarn or String

This could not be easier or more fun! Grab a friend and spread some newspaper on your working surface then start by painting your keys in different bright colors. Paint all your keys on one side, allow them to dry then turn over and paint the other side.

Next, cut a length of string twice the length that you want your keys to hang, repeat until you have enough evenly cut pieces of string for each key. Select the brand you’d like to create your wind chime on and simply knot the yarn through the key and around the branch.

There you have it! Not only did this take you less than an hour, but your whimsical colored key wind chime will be gracing your outdoor area with a magical sound all summer.

Enjoy 😉

Author: Kelsey

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