DIY Valentine’s Day Cards For Your Sweetheart

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It’s very easy for Valentine’s Day to turn into just another Hallmark, commercial event. In reality, this day should be all about love, for friends and family. This year, add a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day cards, and make some by hand, with lots of love. Try one of these adorable, easy DIY cards!

Bouquet of Hearts Card

white construction paper or card stock
colored paper
glue dots or white glue

Cut a big pile of hearts from the colored paper. Ours were various shapes and sizes, but small enough to fit quite a few on our card. The folded-paper method for cutting hearts is perfect for this project – your kiddos can get lots of practice with this technique!

Spend a good deal of time adding details to your paper hearts. We added lots of doodles with a black pen, but you could also use colored markers, stickers, or even glitter! Writing names, words, or lovey-dovey messages on the hearts would be fun, too.

Fold a piece of sturdy white paper in half to make a card. With a green marker or crayon, draw some flower stems that overlap and meet in the middle.

Now it’s time to add the paper hearts. Attach each heart to the card with a single glue dot (or a small dot of glue) in the center. This makes the hearts easy to overlap and arrange, plus it gives the card some interesting pop-up dimension. Continue filling in the top of the card with hearts for a full heart bouquet.

For the finishing touch, tie a small piece of ribbon into a bow and attach to the drawn stems. So cute! Give your homemade heart bouquet card to someone special this Valentine’s Day. Maybe you can convince your kids to make one just for you!

Love Hearts in a Jar

You will need:
1.Brown paper card and envelope (available at Michaels)
2.Baker’s twine
3.Pastel paper heart shapes (available at craft stores)
4.Adhesive foam pieces
Also, you will need print template from here

Print the template on the card, attach adhesive foam pieces to the jar. Let’s fill it up with hearts!!

Step 3.
Continue filling the jar with hearts until it’s full!! Love the project!

Step 4.
Write the love message to your special someone.

tep 5.
Seal the envelope and tie it up with baker’s twine. Your special card is ready to be delivered!!

Paint Chip Card

You Will Need:
1 piece of 8.5″ x 11″ card stock, folded or cut in half
Alphabet stamps and ink
Free paint chips (recycled or from your local paint counter)
Heart-shaped punch
Glue dots
Scissors (optional)
Paper cutter (optional)

Stamp out your message.
Punch out 12 paper hearts from multi-colored paint chips.
Apply a glue dot to the center of each heart back and adhere to card stock.

Card stock is the perfect paper weight for this project. Cutting an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of card stock in half (width-wise) will yield 2 cards (postcard-style greeting cards). Folding the paper in half will yield a traditional greeting card that opens/closes.

For a perfect ombre effect, arrange your hearts into a mock design as you punch them, paying attention to gradient changes in color. Hearts in your first rows (and or columns) should start out very light and get darker towards the bottom of the card.

Try to punch out as many hearts as you can without getting any paint information or numbers on the front sides of your hearts.

For punching solid color hearts, trim your paint chip samples down the white lines with scissors. This makes each color section more accessible and easier to punch hearts from.

For multi-color hearts, punch heart directly on white separator line. This will yield a heart with two different colored halves.

To line up your hearts in rows and columns without math or measuring, arrange your display before gluing. Glue the first column, using the left edge of the card as a guide to “eyeball” the distance. Moving down, each point of the heart should line up in the middle with the arches of the next heart. Repeat this process to the third column of hearts, using the right edge of the card as a guide this time. Glue the middle column of hearts last, using the two outer columns as guides for distancing and positioning.

Glue dots aren’t super flat and do give the hearts a tiny pop-out effect. For a more 3D effect, use 3D adhesive foam squares. You can find them in the scrapbooking supply aisle of most craft stores.

Author: Amanda Sims

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