Easter Baskets That Offers A Healthy Alternative To Candy

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Moms are starting to stock up for the next holiday, Easter. Many are looking to candy, but some moms want to give their children something sweet without all the sugar. Here are a couple of healthy ideas for your kid’s Easter basket that they’re sure to love:

One of the easiest alternatives for candy are some fun toys and we have some of the best toys for the best price points. One of the top trending toys at the moment are by Hasbro and they’re called Yellies, it’s an interactive toy that moves based off the sound of your voice.

The louder you yell the faster they move, which is sure to make for a fun toy for your child and their friends. Another great toy is called Lost Kitties and are offered in a fun Easter egg packaging that is perfect to throw right in a basket.

Lost Kitties are also by Hasbro and offers a surprise toy, offering a 12 toy collection. There is also a new popular option for “Star Wars” fans.

Star Wars Galaxy Adventures collectible figurines offer all the classic characters and also comes with a mini comic book along with the figurine. Each figurine has a special online code for your kids to learn more about the characters through an interactive website.

One of the most obvious options is the ever-so-popular Hatchimals, that are surprise toys with cute characters. They are offering a fun line for Easter called CollEGGtibles, since they come in a multi-packs with egg packaging that screams Easter. Hatchimals also offers a cute little Easter basket to hold the egg surprise toys.

Another more interactive toy option is Rabbit’s Hat magic tricks, that are offered in a conveniently small package and is great for ages 6 and up. The offer 18 different tricks and come it comes in a cute package that looks like a magician’s top hat.

A great option for children ages 3 and older is Magformers, which is a construction set for brain development and is a STEM approved educational product. The playset contains magnetic tiles to build animal figurines while developing hand-eye coordination and great interaction.

Saving the best for last is the popular slime toy. For Easter, they offer slime in a fun Easter egg packaging and comes with a variety of textures including foam balls or glitter foam. The best thing about these options is the price point, that actually is less expensive than candy and will last longer for your child to enjoy.

For more options and ideas for your kids Easter baskets this year, check out the video above.

Author: Joel Vine

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