Fashion Hacks Inspired By Your Favorite Royals

Royals, they’re just like us. Sometimes.

Compared to kings, queens, princesses, dukes, and duchesses, celebrities have it easy. There’s no walking around in sweatpants and Gucci slip-ons for Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry couldn’t be caught dead in a t-shirt, no matter how expensive. So when daily life involves dresses, gloves, hats and suits, there are some tricks of the trade that keep the royals looking prim and proper all day long. Take advantage of these yourself and you could avoid wardrobe mishaps once and for all.

1. Keep those heels in place
When you’re a royal, stockings are a must. But as many women know, tights + heels = a slippery mess. Kate Middleton often uses sticky pads on the soles of her shoes to keep everything in place, and to avoid those occasional slips.

2. Prevent a Marilyn Monroe moment
On a windy day, you never know when your skirt could catch a breeze and make some undesirable reveals. Sometimes, the pros with actually put small weights in their hem lines to keep flying skirts in check. This is actually a fairly simple fix that you can do yourself with curtain weights or other small weighted objects. If you’re scared of a sewing disaster, just leave the task to a tailor.

3. Bodysuits, bodysuits, bodysuits
Diamonds are cool, but the bodysuit might be a girl’s real best friend. If you don’t want to alter your dress or skirt, a bodysuit can help alleviate underwear appearances in the case of a flyaway skirt. They can also be a fantastic alternative to shirts. With so many styles now, bodysuits will prevent those moments where shirts get bunched and untucked. Plus, they’re pretty damn comfy. This is a particularly favored strategy for Meghan Markle who owns many.

Author: Lucie O’Leary

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