‘Friends’ Actresses Hint At A Potential Reboot

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The Friends reboot isn’t as wishful thinking as fans may have thought. Actress Jennifer Aniston is the main reason why fans of the hit comedy series are getting their hopes up during her interview with Ellen DeGeneres. I would do it… The girls would do it, and the boys would do it, I’m sure,” Aniston said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Listen, anything can happen.”

It’s not like the show would fail. Will and Grace has successfully been able to reclaim the attention of their fanbase while also gaining new ones on top of also earning Emmy Awards. Friends ended in 2004 after a 10-year run, but the actress says she thinks about how the series would translate in today’s time.

“I fantasize about it. It really was the greatest job I ever had. I don’t know what it would look like today, but you never know. So many shows are being successfully rebooted,” Aniston said. However, while Aniston is cool with a reboot her co-stars and the show’s creator not so much.

“They’d all be older, and it wouldn’t be the same, and people will only end up feeling disappointed, and then I’ll be embarrassed, and it would be terrible,” Marta Kauffman told The Hollywood Reporter said.

Author: Lilly Roberts

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