Gen Z is Taking Over The Travel Experience, And We’re All For It

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With every new generation brings changes not only in society but in the way that the “market” changes to adjust to the new values of the generation. Travel is no different and in-fact, Generation Z is changing the way the world travels.

Generation Z are people born between 1995 and 2000. You may know them as people who are somewhere between graduating high school and graduating from college. But besides the obvious, Gen Z-ers are different in the way the go about a lot of things. But travel seems to be making one of the biggest splashes today.

Contrary to previous generations, Generation Z values experiences over material things and would rather pay more for a special experience over just a fancy hotel room. Gen Z-ers reportedly are also more likely to spend money on local food and local events over chain restaurants and tourist traps.

But one of the biggest shifts that you will see in the generation is the use of technology in booking and deciding on locations. Generation Z is more likely to utilize solely mobile means to book travel and base their travel from online blogs or travel reviews.

Author: Taylor Basilio

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