Helpful Travel Etiquette For The Holiday Traveler

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Fall and winter are among us. And for a large part of the country, with or without families, the holiday season is a time to travel abroad to see other parts of the world. While the location may be new, here are a few universal travel etiquette tips to help keep your trip, smooth sailing.

So you bought your tickets, passport, and required visas for your next big trip. You may have thought of everything in preparation for your journey but, you may have overlooked simple travel etiquette tips that can make your next trip, that much enjoyable for you.

One of the most overlooked travel faux pas is taking pictures of people without asking. People from different countries are not animals or exhibits on display for you. Be polite and ask if they mind. You may just make a new friend and learn some local tips while you are at it.

Another good travel tip is to try to blend in. Your clothes will be a dead give away that you aren’t local. Not saying that you need to go full native but you should be sure that your clothing styles don’t offend those around you. Some more conservative countries may not feel the same way about your shorts or dress that you do.

Author: Taylor Basilio

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