Here’s How To Make Your Cheap Steak Taste Expensive

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Unless you are on a no-meat diet, enjoying a flavorful steak can feel like a treat experienced every once in a while. However, the price that comes with a good steak can rise depending on the cut, but there are ways to make even the cheapest steak taste expensive.

The first and most important part of cooking in steak is to tenderize your meat with salt. Using regular table salt isn’t going to get you the taste that you truly want due to the salt grains being too fine and the steak will just end up tasting salty.

Instead, use coarse kosher salt or sea salt. Cover each steak with a good portion of salt to ensure that you get the most tender cut possible. Once done, let the steak rest at room temperature for at least an hour. If the steak is more than one inch of thickness then you will want to place the meat in the refrigerator for an hour before taking it out to rest at room temperature.

Once the steak has rested you should then rinse your steak off of all the visible salt. You should be able to feel how much more tender the steak is. Remove as much moisture as you possibly can to prevent any water from becoming steam when placing the steak on the grill or pan.

If you wish to add a dry rub you can do that as well, but you won’t need to salt your steak again. Now all you have to do to get that cheaply expensive steak is cook it to your preferred temp, which hopefully is not well-done.

Author: Lilly Roberts

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