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The holiday travel season is among us. Goodbye summer and hello in-laws. Or maybe you are one of the lucky few that travel abroad during the holiday season in a not choosing sides kind of way. Either way, holiday travel shouldn’t cost your whole Christmas budget. Here are a few tips to keep the holidays jolly and bright.

First off, timing is key. I understand that the dates of holidays are set and therefore can’t be changed but, rather when you book your flights can make the difference in an outrageous price and the price of a stocking filler. According to AAA, if you book your flights before November 1st, you are more likely to save on the trip versus booking in the November or December months. And if you are really looking for a holiday miracle, the cheapest flights tend to be on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Eve. Nothing like a movie ending arrival for the holidays.

Another good holiday travel tip that will improve your mood this season, is setting realistic expectations. The airports are all going to be slammed.

Everything is going to have a line and everywhere will be overcrowded. What this means for holiday travelers, is that it might be worth it to enroll in some of the trusted traveler programs like TSA Precheck or Global Entry. Another good airport trip is to travel light.

This will save you some time at the baggage claim area after your long flight and can even help to ensure that the airport doesn’t accidentally send your luggage to Topeka.

Author: Taylor Basilio

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