How to Make a Vintage Tea Cup Bird Feeder

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The sounds of a garden are pure bliss, wind rustling blowing, leaves rustling, birds chirping… what, no birds are visiting your backyard paradise? We can help fix that.

This easy DIY will show you how to make the most adorable bird feeders in no time!


howtomakeavintagebirdfeeder1What you need to assemble a set of four vintage tea cup bird feeders:

4 chair legs

spray paint

tea cups & saucers

super glue

bird food

Start by spraying the up-cycled chair legs with your desired color of spray paint and allow to dry.

Next, you’re going to attach the tea cup to it’s saucer. Just open your super glue and apply liberally around the base of your tea cup and firmly secure to the saucer.

Now it’s time to choose what part of your adorable garden deserves a special tea cup bird feeder and firmly plant your chair leg into the ground – we definitely advise that you do this step before attaching the tea cup to the top of your chair leg.

Finally it’s time to glue your tea cup to the chair leg! Apply a liberal amount of super glue to the top of the chair leg and hold the bottom of the saucer to down until it begins to dry.

Chirp, chirp, I hear the sounds of nature already 😉

Author: Kelsey

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