Idris Elba’s Upcoming Fashion Line Inspired By His Music Style

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Idris Elba may not be playing the next James Bond, but he just added a new role to his resume. A fashion designer. The actor has launched his new fashion line, 2HR SET, and he says it’s inspired by his other true passion. Music.

“A two-hour set is the acid test for a DJ,” Elba said in a statement. The unisex fashion line launched this month and is inspired by Elba’s passion for the DJ culture and music. “But for me, I’ve taken this idea a step further. Whether I’m behind the decks on stage, in the gym, or studying a new script, I’ll give myself two hours and really get stuff done. It’s my window to go for it, get it done, and get it done well.”

The current collection features streetwear options like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and joggers all priced from under $20 to over $200. Shopping Elba’s new line also gives you the opportunity to give back with its charitable component.

Due to the recent increase of knife crimes in the UK, all proceeds from the line’s ‘Don’t Stab Your Future’ T-shirts, sweats and hoodies go to support Faron Alex Paul’s Faz Amnesty campaign. This charity collects weapons from teenagers and then gives them to the police without revealing the identity of the original owner.

Author: Lilly Roberts

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