Julia Roberts Speaks Out On Emmys Snub

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The Emmy nominations have finally been announced and while there were many deserving nominations there were also some that left people baffled by the snub. Like Julia Roberts who didn’t take her snub personally and should be nominated for best reaction.

The star of Amazon’s Homecoming, Roberts took to Instagram to share her feelings on the snub. Using a screenshot of a USA Today news alert, Robert captioned the post, “Well, I’m in exceptional company at least.” In the notification stars like Emma Stone and George Clooney were both named as A-list stars shut out of the nominations.

Clooney’s Hulu series “Catch-22” received two nominations in technical categories, sound editing, and visual effect. However, he received no individual honors. Despite the show’s praise, Stone and her Netflix series “Maniac” didn’t receive any nominations.

Making the Emmy nominations list and history was breakout series Pose which earned six nominations. A huge moment in history for transgender visibility and representation on TV. Also making history is Billy Porter, also nominated for his role in the FX series. Nominated for ” Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series,” Porter is now the first openly gay black man to be nominated for this award.

Author: Brittany Jones

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