Justin Hartley And Wife Split After 2 Years

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Bella Breakdown

This Is Us star Justin Hartley has officially divorced from his wife Terrina Chrishell after two years. Neither Hartley nor Chrishell have commented on the news, but sources close to the couple have come forth explaining the various reasons for their split, mainly siting an overall miscommunication of expectations for life going forward.

After a six-year relationship, it sounds as though the couple just wasn’t able to find their way from the start. According to sources, wife Chrishell was ready to settle down with married life and hoped to start a family and a home, while Hartley wasn’t quite ready for that phase of life.

With growing fame thanks to the hit show, Hartley wasn’t prepared to have to say no to new opportunities to further his career, and felt committing to the task of starting a new family (he has a 15-year-old daughter with first wife actress Lindsay Korman) may make it difficult for him to focus his energy on the show and future roles. The coming year is sure to be an exciting one for Hartley as This Is Us continues to be a smashing success, so we hope he is able to feel the happiness of these moments while dealing with this loss.

Author: Jessica Ralph

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