Katy Perry Casts Actor Twin Zooey Deschanel For New Music Video

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These celebs might not be siblings but over the years everyone has questioned whether they’re twins because they look so much alike. Katy Perry decided to have some fun with her latest “Not The End Of The World” music video by casting her doppelganger and “New Girl” actress Zooey Deschanel.

The music video also makes light of the common mistake between the two entertainers when the beginning features Katy Perry walking down the street while pushing a baby carriage with her four-month-old daughter, Daisy Dove, while Zooey is sitting on a bench nearby reading a newspaper then the aliens arrive. The aliens visit Earth in an attempt to save their favorite pop artist Katy Perry when the aliens mistake Zooey for the pop star and transport her on the alien spaceship.

Once on the spaceship, Zooey realizes the aliens think that she’s Katy Perry attempting to explain she’s not the pop artist but the aliens have other plans. Zooey goes through a makeover montage with the help of the aliens to recreate some of Katy’s iconic looks from other performances.

Zooey embraces and channels her inner Katy Perry, leaving fans to believe that they’re watching Katy perform herself. The new “Not The End Of The World” music video is truly a creative project from Katy and Zooey after years of being called twins.

Author: Chaz Page

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