Let BigMouth Inc. Floats Do All The Talking

Let’s face it, summer is the time to be serious, about being silly! Having your float game on point is the best way to beat the heat, while looking super stylish.

There are many companies that offer different styles of floats, but only one company that offers floats for every occasion and season – BigMouth Inc! They may be known for their floats, but also offer an array of outrageous lifestyle products that are great for party favors and fun gifts for any occasion. Here at WhoaBella we’re excited to share our amazing experience with BigMouth Inc.

Playing frisbee at the beach is fun and of course BigMouth Inc. made it even better with their unique food-shaped frisbees….yes, you read that right! My favorite was the Pass The Donut Flying Food Frisbee that looks like something you would catch Homer Simpson running after. When throwing the frisbee you immediately notice that it offers a nice glide with a cute design for a day of fun in the sun.

Everyone will be saying “Holy Guacamole” when they see you float around on the Giant Avocado Float. Aside from the larger than life size, the shape allows for a comfy all-day float for the beach or the pool.

The Giant Octopus Float is over 5 feet wide and is fun for everyone! The best part is the quality material that won’t over heat for long-lasting use in salt or chlorine water.

Nothing says summer like a juicy pineapple and BigMouth Inc got the message loud and clear with their variety of pineapple products. They offer a variety of pineapple products, but the two summer essentials are the pineapple gigantic beach blanket and the floating beverage cooler.

The Floating Pineapple Beverage Cooler not only makes for a great party favor but is collapsible and easy to inflate. Aside from being super cute, the cooler has plenty of space for ice and beverages with cup holders. This cooler would be great for a day on the water whether at the beach, poolside, or even floating down a river.

The Gigantic Pineapple Beach Blanket is super light-weight, with a cooling fabric so you won’t melt like a popsicle while laying out. After a long day at the beach just whip the towel to remove sand and excess moisture. The size of the blanket is big enough for kids and adults to use as towels, with quick-drying fabric for all-day use.

The floats are made with quality material that withstand high heats for long summer days. They are bigger than the average size and for quick inflation and I personally recommend their electric air pump. Their air pump offers the perfect-sized nozzle to fit the float with ease, not to mention it’s helpful for other uses such as blowing up an air mattress. The best part about this company is that they offer kid-sized floats and cute lil’ kiddie pools to match!

Aside from offering stylish floats BigMouth Inc. also offers fun novelties for the home and office that bring a fun twist to your everyday normalcy. So, if you’re looking for fun way to live la vida loca, look no further than BigMouth Inc!

Author: Karli Wallace

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