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You are beyond excited about your next trip. You plan every last detail from your flights to your hotel and even your full trip itinerary once you arrive.

You even got the travel insurance just in case for some reason, your trip had to be put on hold. But before your trip, you should dig into exactly what trip insurance will do for you.

The first question is whether or not it’s worth it for your next trip. According to Bustle, a small fee added to your hotel or airline tickets might be worth it but, if its a few hundred dollars or more then you should definitely pass on that part of the adventure.

Many travel insurance companies try to pressure you or scare you into buying travel insurance for your next trip. But what does it exactly cover? You should read the fine print before you make a final decision on insurance.

Some companies will not cover natural disasters or medical conditions as valid insurance claims.  Some specify that the conditions could not have been pre-existing for your trip to be covered.

Author: Taylor Basilio

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