Lucky Charms Cookies Are A Thing And I’m Ready For All The Cavities

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No shame in the game: eating dessert for breakfast is a power move. I mean, most breakfast foods are essentially desserts anyway… cinnamon rolls, donuts, french toast… even muffins are just cupcakes without frosting. So if anyone gives sass about cookies being an unacceptable breakfast food, please refer to the sugar content in Little Bites’ Brownies.

Cookies, especially when stuffed with bits of cereal inside, might not be the healthiest breakfast option, but it’s definitely the tastiest. Everyone’s favorite cereal—Lucky Charms—can now be found stuffed inside sugar cookies thanks to Pillsbury’s limited Edition, magically delicious, sugar cookies stuffed with marshmallow bits.

In case Lucky Charms weren’t already good enough, the food Gods have now graced our tastebuds by combining those delicious signature marshmallow pieces with the best-premade sugar cookie dough that money can buy. Imagine: having a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal and then dunking your Lucky Charms cookie in the colorful leftover cereal milk.

I’m drooling just thinking about it. Or using the cookie dough for the base of the cookie-brownie-oreo concoction we all know and love. Or even using the cookies for ice cream sandwiches (stuffed with cookies and cream ice cream for the real cookie lovers out there).

For me though, I plan on living life on the edge and eating the delicious dough right out of the package. I won’t tell mom if you don’t!


Author: Brooke West

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