McDonald’s Claims They’re Fixing One Of Their Biggest Problems

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Doesn’t it seem like every time you want ice cream at McDonald’s the machine is out of order? Don’t feel special, for this is a common occurrence in a majority of the franchise locations.

After many customer complaints and bashing YouTube videos, McDonald’s unveils a new device to prevent future malfunctions and even anticipate if the ice cream machine will break down soon. Working with a software company, Kytch, they developed a new device that will provide more information for employees to determine if the machine will malfunction and needs to be serviced.

McDonald’s claims that one of the biggest issues with the ice cream machine for employees is the intensive automated cleaning cycle that can take up to four hours to complete and often happens during operating hours, making it inconvenient for employees and customers. The new device will correct mechanical issues caused by human error (like over or under-filling the machine) and to schedule the cleaning cycle when it’s supposed to happen.

The new device was introduced in May 2019 to anticipate if a part is about to break and warn employees of potential mechanical issues or if employees are causing the issue through collecting data. Several locations have implemented the device since launching in May 2019 but McDonald’s corporate isn’t encouraging its locations to do so and McDonald’s have yet to confirm whether any of their locations have implemented the new software.

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McDonald’s isn’t the only one implementing this new software with reporting indicating that Burger King is using this new device at several of their locations.

Author: Anastasia Smith

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