Money-Saving Tips For Streaming Service Subscriptions

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Streaming services can be costly but there are a couple of ways you save some money with your subscription fees. Here is our savings subscription guide for all your favorite streaming platforms.

You might like having access to all streaming platforms at once but planning your binge-watching sessions one platform at a time can save some money. Instead of having all the streaming platforms at once, just have one active subscription to catch up on all your favorites then switch to another.

Having one subscription service at a time will save you a couple of months and give you more time to explore the endless options available on the streaming platforms. You can make a simple plan on your calendar of when to switch services that you can adjust accordingly if needed.

Premium services can seem like the better option for skipping commercials but are one of the pricey options including live TV services. Monthly subscriptions for live TV including Hulu Plus Live TV costs $55 and Sling can cost $30 but you can opt for a less expensive alternative such as Philo for $20 monthly.

Philo offers 58 channels for $20 monthly and another thrifty alternative for getting local TV stations with an indoor TV antenna that start at only $10. One of the timeless money-saving tips for streaming services is sharing or trading accounts with friends and family.

Some streaming accounts will cap how many users can access one account from multiple locations so you might want to limit how many people you share accounts with. You can share accounts and trade with someone you trust, for example, I share my Netflix account with my sister and she shares her Hulu account with me for a fair trade-off.

One option is to explore free subscriptions provided by other services such as your phone carrier. Subscribers to the Metro by T-Mobile’s Unlimited Plan offers a free Amazon Prime and Prime Video membership for customers.

Verizon offers a free Disney Plus membership for any Unlimited plan customers and AT&T’s Unlimited Elite members have access to an HBO subscription. Sprint offers one of the biggest subscription benefit packages for the Unlimited Premium plan with the annual value of $480 with free memberships for Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the high-fidelity music streaming platform Tidal.

Author: Karli Wallace

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