New Vegan Sweet Treat Trend – Dream Pops

These new frozen treats offer a trendy design with a new flavor that will have you winning this summer. Did we mention the best part? These popsicles are offered with vegan ingredients with a trendy design.

Dream Pops uses 3D printers for their popsicle molds, offering precision detail for their trendy designs. The ingredients for this new frozen treat are all plant-based from superfoods that positively benefit the diet along with having a sweet snack.

The flavors offer creamy and fruity options. The inspiration comes from paleta stands in Columbia that offers a cool treat that incorporates natural ingredients. With this inspiration Dream Pops also wanted to focus on creating a flavor-packed plant-based alternative snack that can be enjoyed by everyone, while providing a nutrient dense clean treat.

Dream Pops collaborated with a three-star Michelin chef and a food scientist to create the perfect, creamy pop for a great nutrient dense snack with great flavor. Each pop is less than 100 calories with less than 7 grams of sugar while being gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free as well.

Fruit-based flavors include Passion Jacky (jackfruit and passion fruit), Berry Dreams (strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit), and Mango Rosemary (passion fruit, rosemary, mango). Some of the cream based flavors include Chocolate Lion (lion’s mane mushroom and chocolate), Coconut Latte (vanilla, coffee, coconut), Vanilla Matcha (incorporating ceremonial matcha green tea). Another option is the Dream Flight that offers an assortment of all flavors.

Dream Pop is popping up in stores across the U.S. and just started offering shipping from the online store. Check out the videos above for more on Dream Pops and other popsicles for a funner summer.

Author: Karli Wallace

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