Plant Lovers Unite! Here’s How You Should Be Taking Care Of Your Plants

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I was very hesitant to jump on the house plant bandwagon, and I honestly wasn’t sure I really needed a room full of plants to make me feel better. I like the look of plants; I like cute little succulents, but do I really need them? The answer is yes. Oh my goodness, the difference a couple of little plants can make is enormous. Besides the fact that they simply make you happy, they can benefit things like air quality. But if you’re not a natural green thumb, plant care can be daunting. Stick to these tricks to make sure you’re green friends stay, well, green!

1. Pick the Right Plant

You’ll want to choose plants that suit your lifestyle and home, meaning being extra cautious that you can provide the right amount of light and care. Opt for a mix if you have both sunny and non-sunny areas. Things like spider plants, succulents, and herbs are also straightforward and low maintenance, something you should keep in mind!

2. Pick the right soil

Go to your local garden center to buy the right soil, which contains a mix of peat moss and other organic materials. Avoid using soil or dirt from your yard. Look for slow-release fertilizer mixes, as they can cut down on plant care.

3. Water Appropriately

Study how much water the plants need, and make sure you are wetting the soil, not the actual leaves. Things like succulents and cacti need only a light mist, not a full watering, meaning a mister or spray bottle is essential.

4. Cleaning

Ensure you are trimming dead leaves or blooms, or for more full plants, shearing them back to allow for a healthy second growth. This is essential for keeping your plants healthy!

Author: Lucie O’Leary

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